Introduction to the company

     Address :
     Stresscraft Ltd, 
     St. Winefride's Chapel,
     Pick Street,
     LE12 9BB

Tel :   44 (0) 1509 506019

Fax :  44 (0) 1509 601061


email :


Company No. 2160590

VAT Reg. No. 473 6479 10

The Stresscraft company was formed in 1984 to provide stress analysis services using photoelastic models.  We are based in an old church in Shepshed, Near Loughborough.  The company was registered as Stresscraft Ltd in 1987.  

Our customers include manufacturers of aero-engines, aerospace components, diesel engines, pressure vessels and racing engines from the UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain, etc. 

We have over 12 years of experience in residual stress determination :


All hole drilling equipment is manufactured 'in-house'.  Our current drilling devices are miniature, PC-controlled, 3-axis machines which use an 'orbital' motion to cut the hole.


The current work rate on residual stress projects exceeds 800 target gauges installed and drilled per year.

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